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“In my opinion, Healy is a game changer when it comes to healing. Because everything is energy your thoughts, your feelings, your organs, your systems. Everything has a particular vibration and the Healy helps to alleviate symptoms, treats the cause and helps you to physically, mentally and emotionally function at your optimum. Thanks so much Beatrix for your introduction to this amazing bioenergetic device.”

Raluca Dragos / Female - Romania

“As a trained Chinese Medicine healer and solo mother I was fascinated about how resonant the diagnosis from the Healy Diagnosis App was. Beatrix kind free treatments were the difference of me getting through a few days in Covid. I use my Healy on myself and 6 year old every other day. I can’t imagine not having a Resonance to support our holistic health now”.

Nicola Jean Smith / Female - Australia

“I am so grateful to have discovered Healy!! After using it consistently for the last two months I have definitely noticed a shift in my energy. My mood now is balanced, I feel great each day and feel like I can tackle anything!! It’s helping me to increase my energy and flexibility, calm my mind, maintain positive thinking and general well-being.”.

Gabriella Moric / Female - Australia

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